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Welcome to Treasure Island Pearls Shop

Through the ages the pearl has been known as the gem of purity and love. The lustrous glow of the pearl imparts and aura of mystery and romance.

Pure, simple and elegant, pearls have always been coveted by Royalty and the very wealthy.

Powder from crushed pearls was slipped into many a drink in the belief that it was an aphrodisiac. When in reality, the pearl placed around the neck, dangled from earlobes or slipped on a finger are much more effective in the realm of Romance.

Treasure Island extends to you the opportunity to possess pearls far beyond the dreams of the mightiest Queen or King. Pearls with sheen, depth and colors beyond what they could ever imagine.

With the Gems you will discover here, you will be able to create whatever you can envision.

Enjoy your stay on the Island and take the treasures you desire.

Here, you are Royalty.


March is National Craft Month, and with the weather warming up in many parts of the country, and Spring flowers showing up here and there, this can be an very inspiring time of year.

We just came back from the Tucson show with a larger selection of freshwater pearls and stone beads with the large (2mm) drilled holes. These can be used with many types of cording.

To help inspire your new ideas we are offering 35% off site wide, just enter coupon code LARGE35 in coupon code box at checkout. (Good through April 3rd)